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Below you can find the exam resources that I currently have available. I hope you find it useful. Remember to practice practice and practice. Use those TAs hours and get together with friends to work on these resources together.

If you have any issues accessing these links, send me a quick email and I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.

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10 Replies to “Exam Resources – NYU Bridge To Tandon Program”

  1. Thanks for your effort!
    Would you mind sharing exam resources 2 and 3 with me to study?
    Thank you in advance!

      1. I was able to get a copy of Exam 2 from the 17-week cohort. Is there a way to send it to you?

  2. good resource, Thank you. However I am not able to download the pdf…I tried to hit the “download” button, it only refresh the page…

  3. Do you have any answers to these exams? Whether they are official or not.
    Thank you in advance!

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