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This is study resource 18 for the 24-week cohort during the summer of 2019. This is probably the most easiest homework you had in the entire program. Just follow the instruction below and you’ll be okay. Leave a comment if you need help.

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Question #1

For this homework, I would like you to get a little experience with Linux. To do this, you will need a computer
capable of running virtualbox or another Virtual machine environment. Download the latest VirtualBox software,
it’s free and download the ISO of Ubuntu’s latest LTS operating system.
Create a virtual machine and install Ubuntu. You can use whatever settings you’d like. After creating the
system, play with the various settings for CPU, RAM and hardware. Obviously, this doesn’t change the
hardware in YOUR machine, but in the virtual machine environment that you are creating. Settle on 2 CPUs
and, at least 2GB of RAM.
You can explore the Ubuntu GUI, but that’s not really where the benefits of Linux lie. I’d like you to get used to
the Command Line Interface (CLI). Open a terminal window and explore how to move (cd, ls, etc) through the
file system. Create a directory in your home directory (~) with your netid (mine would be: dkb238), Edit a file
called “My HW.txt” and add some text to it. List all the files in your directory and take a screenshot of your
terminal window, inside your Ubuntu VitrualBox console, inside your host operating system (Windows or
Since most of this is trial and error, the only thing I’m asking you to submit for this assignment is the above
screen shot. Yep, easiest homework so far but after so many weeks of hard homework, maybe its time for an
easy one.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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