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This is homework 16 for Summer 2019 – 24-week cohort. There are 2 questions in it. Unfortunately, I do not have the answer for it. I still hope it helps you.

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Question #1

Implement a symbol balance checker function for the Pascal programming language. Pascal allows for the
following pairs: {}, (), [], begin end . All programs will begin with the word “begin” and end with the word “end”.
Your function should receive an ifstream object which is already open and will return true, all of the symbols
match, or false, they do not. You do not have to worry about comments in the program but you do have to avoid
other parts of the program’s code such as assignment statements (x=y) and other expressions.

Question #2

Although a queue is “best” implemented with a list, it can be implemented with a vector if you take into
account the starting position of the queue. For example, if five elements are pushed onto the queue, the start of
the queue is at position zero and the end is at position 4. If we, then, pop two elements, the start would be at
position 2 and the end at position 4. The two “popped” elements are not really removed from the vector, and
that avoids the O(N) time problem for the pop function.
Implement a class which uses a vector to store the queue. Be mindful of performance, such that if the queue is
empty, the size of the underlying vector is “reset.”

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